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iPad Kiosks and Enclosures

If your iPad is going to live in a public area, you're likely going to need an enclosure to keep your iPad safe and secure. Most iPad enclosures give you the ability to cover the home button to ensure access to the kiosk app.


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We have put together a short list of the manufacturers and distributors with whom we have had direct contact. Feel free to explore their products, and when you contact them, please tell them iCapture sent you!

iPad Enclosures

As one of the leading iPad enclosure manufacturers, iPad Enclosures has an extensive array of kiosks and enclosures for the iPad. Many models allow for easy customization to match your company's brand. They also boast one of the largest, most recognizable client lists in the industry.

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One of the first iPad kiosk manufacturers, iPad Kiosks has a wide variety of enclosures and price points to fit almost any budget.

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Maclocks is a premier brand offering iPad security & display solutions. With a broad range of iPad locks, iPad enclosures, iPad mounts and iPad stand kiosks, Maclocks is a one-stop solution and most likely offers the best value for your money.

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