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Scan a QR Code or Barcode Instantly!

Automate data entry by scanning a QR Code or a barcode and automatically populate corresponding fields!


QR Codes - Info in a Single Scan!

Are you attending a trade show where attendee badges include unique QR Codes?

Use iCapture to capture the contact data embedded in that QR Code!

QR Codes can contain many different types of data. Regardless of the contents, iCapture can capture the data.

qr code

If the QR Code is using a VCard format, iCapture can automatically parse the VCard contact data into other iCapture data fields (ie. Name, Email, Phone, Company, etc.)


Barcodes - Guarantee Accurate Data!

From products on store shelves to invoices and printed documents, barcodes are found in many different environments.

Scan a printed barcode with your iCapture app and ensure data integrity across multiple platforms.

In many cases, users scan a barcode prior to executing a survey or capturing detailed information on a potential lead.

If you have not already, Create a Free Acccount and log into the iCapture Back Office admin. Create a questionnaire with a QR Code or Barcode question type and see how easy iCapture can make the data collection process.


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